Use the Two

Tracking the two dollar bill

Many people have heard about tracking the one dollar bill at Where’s George.  But a majority of those people are unaware that you can track any denomination up to the $100 bill.  Some people are dedicated about the two dollar bill and like to track it.  There’s even a special club for people that have entered 2000 $2 bills.  That’s definitely a lofty goal for most, but it is not unattainable.


Tracking currency seems silly to many, and indeed it did to me at first.  But after I entered a few bills that were stamped and generated “hits”, I began to get drawn in to the site.  Every $2 bill I come across I make sure to enter on the site.  By stamping them (or otherwise marking them) with the site’s address, it encourages others to track the bills and will thus make them more popular.  After all, you don’t know how many hits a stamped bill has until you enter it on the site.  And that’s pretty cool.