How can I spread the $2 bill?

Spreading the two dollar bill is quite easy.† After you get a few (or a lot), spend them!† They are legal currency and businesses will take them (occasionally there are reports of workers not knowing what a $2 bill is).† If you want to do more than spending them to increase their circulation, then talk to others about it.† When people ask for change for a twenty, throw a two or two in there.† The more people that you tell, the more likely others will use them.


An even better way to increase circulation is if you work a retail job.† Clear it with your boss/management first, but try to use them as change.† Many times using them to pay for things is not as effective because the store sends them back to the bank.† If you are using them as change from a business, then you are spreading them to the population and reaching a lot of people.† This method is quite effective, and the majority of people respond positively.† One or two stubborn people will ask for ďsomething elseĒ, but most people will remark that they havenít seen one in a while or that itís neat.† Some will save them for their kids/nephews etc., but most will eventually spend them.


Some people say this is all overkill and silly (or crazy).† And certainly spreading the two dollar bill isnít for everyone.† But the only way to increase its circulation is to introduce it to people through everyday transactions.


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